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Welcome To My Life (Storyboard)

Subject ArtsDrama, Visual Arts
Grade Level Grades K-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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Welcome to My Life is a cleverly voiced and animated allegory about difference through a faux documentary format. Directed by a fourth-generation Japanese American Elizabeth Ito (City of Ghosts), the film fosters discussions of identity, inclusion, and storytelling genres. 

This creative reflection activity for middle school prompts students to get creative in their reflection on the assumptions that contribute to conflict across differences through letter writing, illustration or preparation for their own mockumentary. FilmEd Classroom lesson plans also highlight diverse stories and speak to issues of inclusion and difference. Each film guide also includes reflection activities for educators, best practices for facilitating film screenings, recommendations for grade-appropriate dialogue and exclusive interviews with filmmakers to share with students. 

Watch Welcome to My Life and access the curated film library and complete film guide at NYICFF’s FilmEd Classroom.



Welcome To My Life (Storyboard).pdf

Lesson Plan
June 3, 2022
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