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Well Versed: Civics Videos for Elementary Students
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Well Versed: Civics Videos for Elementary Students


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Grade Level PreK, Grades K-5
Resource Type Lesson Plan

About This Lesson

Animated music videos about how kids can make this country rock!

Well Versed hits all the right notes as it explores civic topics for the youngest generation. Explore topics such as the functions of government, how laws are made, and how to be an engaged citizen with a series of 12 videos for elementary students (ages 6-11) and preschoolers (ages 2-5).

Support learning in the classroom or at home with short activities and conversation starters found in the viewing guides.



Viewing Guide for the Functions of Government Well Versed Animated Music Video.pdf

Lesson Plan
November 16, 2023
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well versed videos
I was excited to find this playlist. However, the character sings or rather "raps" way too quickly for my students. They were confused and some struggled to understand the words as she said then so quickly. Students: What did she say? I got tired of repeating her!
June 06, 2024