The What If..? Box

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The What If..? Box

The What If...? Box is a brilliant tool for use in any lesson across the curriculum. It contains 168 questions, all of which begin with 'What if...' Students can select questions at random by clicking on the colored dots which are flying out of the What If...? Box. The resource is particularly good for developing critical and creative thinking.

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January 2019
This is wonderful. I will probably extend this by using the what ifs to begin structured classroom debates. Thank you!
January 2018
Great idea. Would it be possible to get the click on dot box to work?
August 2017
where are the activities
June 2017
seems good but like dmhartin I can't activate the dots . Thanks for your feed back
February 2017
love the design! Can't wait to try it in class.
January 2017
I love this, and is adaptable depending upon your students. Thanks for sharing.
September 2016
So simple, yet so unique. I can't wait to share it with the kids.
August 2016
Clever! Thanks for sharing!
January 2016
The kids will love this. Thank you so much for sharing.
July 2015
I love the idea of this but how do you activate the animated portion of the presentation? I can get the presentation but can not get it to go to the slides when you click on a dot. Thanks for your help!
September 2014
Inform the class that they all have to share their expertise on various subjects. Call the first student, and that student clicks on a ball (I have the PowerPoint projected on the wall). A random topic comes up, and he/she has to expound on the answer for a full minute. A brief round of applause, then the next assigned student does it. In case of a topic already done, he/she clicks on another ball. Builds confidence, public speaking, and is fun.
September 2013
I love the design, but how to use it? please share ideas on how to organize the classroom for this activity.
August 2013
Looks a fun way to go Many thanks Claire
August 2013
Great job on creating a unit which complements Common Core standards, and is way too much fun! Love it!