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What’s Up? with Veera Hiranandani — In the Kitchen with PHOEBE G. GREEN


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About This Lesson

KidLit TV’s show for parents & educators!
We’re dropping by to ask kidlit’s top authors and illustrators “What’s Up?” Join Veera in her kitchen for this episode and make a yummy chickpea salad recipe from Phoebe G. Green!

About the Book

Phoebe loves her pet fish, Betty #2 (named after Betty #1, may she rest in peace), making lists, and her best friend Sage. But when Camille, a tall French girl, arrives at school with unusual lunches, Phoebe’s friendship with Sage doesn’t seem so important anymore. Thanks to Camille, Phoebe discovers goat cheese, butter lettuce, and cilantro (although she’s convinced that’s not a real word). She’s determined to get invited to her new friend’s house for dinner to see what other mysterious food Camille eats. But what about Sage? Can Phoebe make a new friend and keep an old one?


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