When the Rules Aren't Right: 7 Time Travel Tales of Activism by Leslie Tolf


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When the Rules Aren’t Right is a graphic novel for all ages. It is the story of Emma, your basic fed-up teen, tired of parents who only talk about work and money, a self-obsessed older sister and a college-educated brother who’s moved back home and seems destined to stay there. Emma hates her chores and her know-nothing classes; she’s oblivious to the bigger world out there that could use her help.

This lesson plan uses the graphic novel, other support materials and activities to facilitate student learning in the following ways:

  • Introduce students to important events in women’s and labor rights history
  • Help students identify social justice causes that are relevant/important to them
  • Provide students an opportunity to think strategically about sharing social justice messages and use that knowledge to create their own protest sign

You can find out more about the book and the author at http://www.whentherulesarentright.com/ 


March 2017
AFT has been an amazing partner on this lesson plan. Shout out to #KatieGould #JessicaSmith #ConnieCordovilla!
March 2017
Great lesson on Women's Labor Rights History!