Who I am

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Who I am

I use this PowerPoint to introduce my students to who I am at the beginning of the year. I find it helpful...because after all; if you don't tell your students anything the danger is that they'll make it up! I usually include a few pictures of my family but didn't feel comfortable sharing that on the website. Aligned to Common Core State Standard: W.7.3

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August 2017
It's a great way to let students know that the teacher has a life outside of the classroom and I can add hobbies to the list as well..
December 2013
Good way of getting to know students/teacher at beginning of the year.
April 2013
I will be sure to use this resourcw nwxt year. a great way for students and teachers to get to know each other.
July 2012
A lovely way to introduce yourself to your new students! I'll be sharing this on twitter @ShareMyLesson as I'm sure other teachers will find it useful part of their back to school planning.