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Why Do People Migrate? The Pogroms and Russian Jewish Immigration


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Russian Jews in New York Early 20th Century

Grade Level Grades 7-12
Resource Type Handout, Lesson Plan

About This Lesson

Lesson Overview: This lesson features primary sources, excerpts from a 1906 U.S. Government directed report about Russian Jewish immigration, to help students answer the question, "Why do people leave their homes?"

Essential and Guiding Questions:

  • What was life like for immigrants before they emigrated?
  • Why do people leave their homes?
  • How do societal, political, and environmental forces/challenges influence the decision to migrate?
  • How do the more intimate personal contexts motivate people's decisions to leave their homes?
  • What happens to those who stay, and how do they relate to those who leave?



Why do people leave their homes.pdf

Lesson Plan
May 5, 2022
80.38 KB

Images of the Aftermath of the Kalarash Pogrom (1).pdf

Handout, Worksheet
May 5, 2022
669.21 KB

Excerpt III_ The Kalarash Pogrom.pdf

Handout, Worksheet
May 5, 2022
32.77 KB

Causes of Russian Jewish Emigration.pdf

Handout, Worksheet
May 5, 2022
910.29 KB

The Poogroms.pdf

Handout, Worksheet
May 5, 2022
391.86 KB


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