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The Benefits of Collective Action: Why Overcoming Racism and Inequity Is Good for All of Us by Heather McGhee


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About This Lesson

Read excerpts from article by Heather McGhee, a public policy scholar who designs and promotes solutions to inequality in America. 

“Why can’t we have nice things?” Perhaps there’s been a time when you’ve pondered exactly this question. And by nice things, you weren’t thinking about hovercraft or laundry that does itself. You were thinking about more basic aspects of a high-functioning society, like adequately funded schools or reliable infrastructure, wages that keep workers out of poverty or a public health system to handle pandemics. The “we” who can’t seem to have nice things is Americans, all Americans. This includes the white Americans who are the largest group of the uninsured and the impoverished as well as the Americans of color who are disproportionately so. “We” is all of us who have watched generations of American leadership struggle to solve big problems and reliably improve the quality of life for most people.



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September 13, 2022
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