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Workplace Issues: The Yummy Strawberry Company

Workplace Issues: The Yummy Strawberry Company


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Grade Level Grades K-2

About This Lesson

Yummy Strawberry is an elementary level (grades 1-5) social studies unit about workplace issues. It is a new version of CFT’s The Yummy Pizza Company. The teaching guide contains lesson plans and black line masters. You will lead students in a simulation of working for a company that makes chocolate dipped strawberries. Students will apply for jobs, be hired, create products on an assembly line, and participate in collective bargaining. You may present all or part of the lessons, or alter them to meet your needs, schedule, and levels of your students. Use your creativity—this is not a scripted reading program! Caution: If cooking is not a part of your classroom routine, please examine the materials carefully before you begin.

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