World War 2 Scheme of Work (plus resources)

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This is a set of plans and resources which is taught in our school. I've tried to upload as much as I can without breaching copyright. I've used quite a lot of video in the plans - 'Blitz Street' as well as extracts from the old 'World at War' programs. You can get hold of these online There's a couple of other resources I've not got digital copies of as well; so apologies for not including them. There's nothing desperately complicated; so they could be easily replicated. Nonetheless; a good starting point for anyone! Enjoy!


August 2021
I really love the food rationing information! It is such a great way to bring in other interest areas - especially with all the interest in cooking show now! I really appreciate that information and cannot wait to use it! Thanks!
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July 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
January 2016
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June 2012
Superb thanks really appreciate you putting this on!
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May 2012
This is brilliant, so thorough. Going be really helpful, thanks.
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October 2011
Absolutely fab.Thank you.
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October 2010
Excellent, thankyou!
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August 2010
Thanks for sharing your hard work!
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August 2010
Very useful - thank you!