Writing checklists

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Checklists for children to use to assess their own work or another child's work and for the teacher to also use. Multiple lists for each type of writing (e.g.; poetry; pesonal and formal letters; flyers; stories; news articles; reports) and have seve

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July 2016
April 2016
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January 2016
April 2016
Check the spelling of the word 'pesonal' in the description above. I believe it should say 'personal' instead. Otherwise, great resource. Thank you.
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May 2010
These explain progression of skills in child-friendly speak so will be very user-friendly. Thank you.
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January 2010
Just what I was looking for!
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March 2008
What a fantastic resource - exactly what i've been looking for. Thankyou for your hard work!!
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December 2007
Thank you for this. I have children working at three levels and was dreading having to sort out child friendly versions. These are great. It was great to see something for the Scottish levels.
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October 2007
Thankyou for this. This will help me greatly.