Writing checklists

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Writing checklists

Checklists for children to use to assess their own work or another child's work and for the teacher to also use. Multiple lists for each type of writing (e.g.; poetry; pesonal and formal letters; flyers; stories; news articles; reports) and have seve

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July 2016
April 2016
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January 2016
April 2016
Check the spelling of the word 'pesonal' in the description above. I believe it should say 'personal' instead. Otherwise, great resource. Thank you.
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May 2010
These explain progression of skills in child-friendly speak so will be very user-friendly. Thank you.
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January 2010
Just what I was looking for!
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March 2008
What a fantastic resource - exactly what i've been looking for. Thankyou for your hard work!!
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December 2007
Thank you for this. I have children working at three levels and was dreading having to sort out child friendly versions. These are great. It was great to see something for the Scottish levels.
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October 2007
Thankyou for this. This will help me greatly.