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You Are Not Alone by Alphabet Rockers Storytime Activity Kit
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You Are Not Alone by Alphabet Rockers Storytime Activity Kit


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About This Lesson

This empathetic and inclusive picture book empowers kids to love themselves and their identities, stand up to hate, and have each others' backs no matter what.

When I say something is unfair to me, but it's fair for you, what does that make it?

When I meditate, it all gets clear.

And if you listen, you will really hear.

I am not alone. I am enough.

It can be scary to feel like you're all on your own, especially in the face of prejudice. But always remember: you are not alone! Based on the Grammy award nominated hip-hop group Alphabet Rockers' empowering song, "Not Alone," this uplifting picture book reminds kids that they always belong. Encouraging words invite readers to love their beautiful selves, celebrate their identities, and use their voices against hate, You Are Not Alone asks us to step up for each other and have each others' backs, no matter what.




January 25, 2022
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