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A-Z Book

Subject Social Studies
Grade Level Grades K-5


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Last year; we studied the topic of India and read the A-Z book of India; think there is also A-Z for Africa; Brazil etc. We then used this idea to make a book for our area.I have included the template that i printed out and each child worked on words and illustrations for each page.


2 Reviews
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SML Member
July 04, 2016
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SML Member
January 30, 2016
Great for supporting less able
Thanks for this! I used this template to ask my chidlren to write an A to Z booklet of India (we reduced the pages down to 4 per sheet), and my less able learners responded really well. They liked having a limited amount to write and enjoyed the opportu
SML Member
April 19, 2008
A-Z booklet
I could use this in lots of different ways and not just for Geography. Thanks !
SML Member
April 13, 2008

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