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Zhang Jianjun - "Vestiges of a Process: Shanghai

Zhang Jianjun - "Vestiges of a Process: Shanghai


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Subject ArtsVisual Arts
Grade Level Grades K-12

About This Lesson

Zhang Jianjun's work, "Vestiges of a Process: Shanghai Garden," is on view at the Asian Art Museum from February 5 - September 12, 2010. "Vestiges of a Process: Shanghai Garden" is situated closest to Lee Gallery the east side of North Court. It is an installation composed of two silicone rubber Taihu rocks, manufactured from molds of real Taihu rocks which in traditional garden culture are prized for providing city dwellers with a kind of symbolic access to nature. The rocks are accompanied by a silicone rubber vase.


Zhang Jianjun Discusses His Work, Vestiges of a Process: Shanghai Garden" (2/2010)
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