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solar panels in a mojave desert

Mojave Desert solar; a photovoltaic power station. | Photo credit: U.S. Department of Energy

September 4, 2023

How Conservatives Are Fighting Back Against Environmental and Socially Conscious Investments

Ask Students: Why is diversification of assets important? How is so-called "ESG" a problem according to conservatives? What prompted the President's first veto?.


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The extreme weather events that hit the U.S. and other countries have cast a sharp spotlight on the role of climate change. In recent years, those concerns have been a key part of significant changes in the way investment firms and companies do business. But now a backlash is brewing against what conservative politicians call "woke capitalism." 

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What is ESG?

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (a.k.a. environmental, social, and governance); a framework that helps stakeholders understand how an organization manages risks and opportunities related to these three factors.

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Discussion Questions

  • Why is diversification of assets important, according to Brad Lander?
  • Where does Lander control investments?
  • How is so-called "ESG" a problem according to conservatives?
  • Who is Sean Reyes?
  • What prompted President Joe Biden's very first veto?

Focus Questions

What do you think are some of the political motivations of investing in—or banning—ESG?

Media Literacy: What is something you still don't understand about ESG? How could you find out more?

Extension Activity

Discuss with a friend, neighbor or classmate — how does the concept of ESG investing go beyond solely monetary returns?

Lesson Plans on Climate Change

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Republished with permission from PBS NewsHour Classroom.

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