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Fast fashion’s environmental and human costs

November 13, 2023

Fast Fashion’s Environmental and Human Costs

Ask students: Why is the fast fashion industry worth over $100 billion dollars? Where does SHEIN recruit their influencers?


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The fast fashion industry is valued at over $100 billion, producing affordable, trendy clothes that are popular with young consumers. But the industry is under scrutiny for poor working conditions and using cheap textiles that quickly end up in landfills. Journalist Iman Amrani joins Ali Rogin to discuss her investigation of Shein, one of the fastest-growing fast fashion brands in the world.

For a transcript of this story, click here.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why is the fast fashion industry worth over $100 billion dollars?
  2. Where does SHEIN recruit their influencers?
  3. What were the conditions for workers in SHEIN's factories?
  4. How does SHEIN's relationship with influencers affect its brand image and marketing strategies?
  5. When did SHEIN invite the influencers to the factory trip?

Focus Questions

Do you know how the clothes you buy are made, and who makes them? How can you find out? What concerns might you have about where your clothes come from?

Media Literacy: How can you find out more about "fast fashion" and the concerns with SHEIN's working conditions?

Extension Activity

Discuss with a friend, neighbor or classmate: Do you think it's fair to hold influencers accountable for the actions of the brands they promote, or should the focus primarily be on the brands themselves?

Check out the video below from Student Reporting Labs about Zack Lindsey, a student who started making pillows in his mom’s basement which turned into a clothes designing passion.

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Republished with permission from PBS NewsHour Classroom.

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