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gop infighting

How has GOP infighting caused difficulties for party leadership?

GOP Infighting Causes Members to Wrangle for Power

November 17, 2022

GOP Infighting Causes Members to Wrangle for Power

Ask Students: What is causing GOP infighting? What are some of the disagreements about the path of the party amongst Republicans?


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With all but a handful of races decided, next year’s Congress will be one of the most evenly divided in the country’s history. Legislative leaders will wrangle with fragile coalitions within and across parties, complicating even basic functions. But first, leaders will need to convince their colleagues to put them in charge. Lisa Desjardins reports. For a transcript of this story, click here.

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Discussion Questions

  • Why did many expect Republicans to perform better in the 2022 midterm elections?
  • What are some of the disagreements about the path of the party amongst Republicans?
  • Who are some of the Republican leaders vying for control of the party?
  • How might the divisions described in this story affect policy and legislation in the future?
  • When will the new Congress be seated?

Focus Questions

How do you think conflict within political parties affects policy such as legislation?

Media Literacy: Do you think stories about the political parties are important to follow? What useful information can they provide to voters?

Extension Activity

Watch this video and discuss: Why did Donald Trump announce that he is running for president again so soon after the election?

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