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yellow tape on the site of the shooting at michigan state university

North side of the MSU Student Union with police tape in place after the previous night's shooting. | Photo Credit: Guettarda

February 15, 2023

Mass Shooting at Michigan State Renews Calls for Reform

Ask Students: Where and when did the shooting take place that is discussed in this story? How did the Michigan State community respond to the shooting?


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A gunman killed three students, seemingly at random, at Michigan State University Monday night. Five others were critically wounded before police caught up to the shooter and he took his own life. It left investigators looking for a motive and a campus community in mourning. Geoff Bennett spoke with MSU student Eleanor Hoss, who had to shelter in place for hours when the gunman opened fire.

For a transcript of this story, click here.

Teachers: As with any story of a mass shooting on a school campus, this story may be difficult for students to process and discuss. If you would like tools for discussion around difficult events, see this lesson plan.

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Discussion Questions

  • Where and when did the shooting take place that is discussed in this story?
  • What was the motive (if any) for the shooting, according to authorities?
  • Who is interviewed in this story, and what is her background?
  • How did false reports of the shooting spread while it was still ongoing, according to Eleanor Hoss?
  • How did the Michigan State community respond to the shooting?

Focus Questions

At the end of this interview, student Eleanor Hoss reveals that she didn’t feel safe on campus even before the shooting took place. What can colleges and universities do to ensure students feel safe in secure in their adopted communities?

Media Literacy: Do you think news sources like the NewsHour should report school shootings differently? If so, how?

Additional Exercise

As this story reveals, during traumatic events like this mass shooting sometimes false information can spread and make the situation even more uncertain for those experiencing it. Discuss: has your community ever been subject to false threats and rumors of potential violence? How do you think those threats can be countered? For context, you may want to read this Classroom Student Voice piece about false threats and their traumatic effects.

Addressing Gun Violence

Find free K-12 lesson plans and resources for educators, school staff and community members on gun laws, the second amendment, government debates and obstacles, gun violence, and action tools.

Republished with permission from PBS NewsHour Classroom.

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