Social Media, Girls and Depression

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Story Description:

Studies show that teen girls are more vulnerable to depression. In fact, girls are three times more likely than boys to become depressed, due in part to social pressures such as the overemphasis on physical appearance and the prevalence of social media. Not only are girls more likely to use social media, they also appear to be more vulnerable to the emotionally damaging effects of a constant, virtual connection. Listen to learn more about trends in teenage depression and the role of social media.

Listening Comprehension Questions:

  • How much more likely are teenage girls to experience depression than boys?
  • Why was there a sharp increase in teenage depression rates after 2011?
  • What are some reasons you think girls are more likely to become depressed than boys?
  • Why do you think so few depressed teens get treatment?

Classroom Discussion Themes:

  • What can schools do to help improve the mental health of students and increase the number of teens getting treatment for depression?
  • How would you change social media apps in order to make them more helpful in our lives?