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3rd Grade Math Worksheets - Lesson Plans & Resources

Looking for engaging ways to teach your 3rd graders a variety of math topics? Dive into this list of the newest and most popular 3rd grade math worksheets, curated by the Share My Lesson community. Discover free, top-quality resources that make learning math fun and effective, covering key 3rd grade math concepts.

What do 3rd graders learn in math?

  • Multiplication and Division: Understanding concepts and facts of multiplication and division within 100.
  • Fractions: Introduction to fractions as numbers and representing them on a number line.
  • Area: Finding the area of rectangles using multiplication.
  • Shapes: Understanding the properties of shapes, including quadrilaterals.
  • Problem Solving: Solving word problems involving the four operations.

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Recent 3rd Grade Math Worksheets Lesson Plans & Resources

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