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Elementary Math Lesson Plans and Resources

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Elementary Math Lesson Plans and Resources


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Elementary Math Lesson Plans and Resources

About This Collection

Creating a solid foundation in math from an early age is crucial, and our collection of elementary math lesson plans is designed to help teachers and parents do just that. Aimed at Kindergarten students, these lesson plans cover essential concepts that are engaging and accessible. Kindergarten math learning includes:

  • Number Recognition and Counting: Understanding numbers and being able to count sequentially.
  • Shapes and Patterns: Identifying basic shapes and recognizing patterns, which are critical for developing problem-solving skills.
  • Basic Addition and Subtraction: Introducing the concepts of adding and subtracting in a visual and interactive way.
  • Comparing Sizes and Quantities: Learning to compare and understand differences in size and quantity to develop logical thinking.

These lesson plans are tailored to encourage curiosity and enjoyment in math, ensuring that children find joy in learning these fundamental concepts. Each plan is packed with activities that are not only educational but also fun, making math an exciting adventure for young learners.

Read this blog, Making an Exponential Impact: My Favorite Math Lessons, for an introduction to some of the math resources featured in this collection. Also, for more advanced lesson plans, view the resources in our secondary grades math collection. Plus, see the video below from the U.S. Census Bureau on implementing statistics in schools and how you can prepare your students for a data-driven world:

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Looking for interactive and engaging graphs to use in your classroom? Check out this innovative, free collection from NY Times Learning Network "What's Going on in This Graph?"