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Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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Kindergarten Math Worksheets


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Kindergarten Math Worksheets

About This Collection

Kindergarten is a crucial year for building foundational math skills, setting the stage for future academic success. To support this essential learning phase, a comprehensive collection of Kindergarten math worksheets has been developed for both teachers and parents. These worksheets are crafted to introduce young learners to basic math concepts in a fun and engaging way. 

What math do kindergarteners learn?

  • Basic Counting: Recognizing and counting numbers up to at least 20.
  • Shapes and Colors: Identifying basic shapes and colors.
  • Simple Patterns: Understanding and creating simple repeating patterns.
  • Comparing Sizes: Learning about concepts like bigger, smaller, taller, and shorter.
  • Introduction to Addition and Subtraction: Using objects to understand adding and taking away.

These worksheets aim to reinforce these concepts, encouraging hands-on practice and fostering a positive attitude towards math. Through a variety of exercises, children can explore numbers and patterns, gradually building confidence and competence in navigating the world of math.