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April 19, 2022 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT

Practices to Help Staff and Students Identify & Talk About Emotions Webinar


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Practices to Help Staff and Students Identify & Talk About Emotions Webinar
#12 Wellness Resource 2022


April 19, 2022 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT




Grade Level Grades K-12, Higher Education, Adult Education

About This Webinar

Schools are currently facing an urgent need to integrate emotional stabilization into all aspects of their communities — for students, faculty and staff, school leaders, and families. Reclaiming emotional health, exercising ownership over how we learn, teach, lead and interact with each other is critical for all of us.

Our emotions are at play all the time; they aren’t separate from our moment-to-moment experience. All our emotions are acceptable — it’s what we do with them that is important. While we typically teach this concept to students as a vital component of social-emotional learning, it’s equally important for adults to have permission and practices to engage in conversations about emotions — especially during challenging times.

In this presentation, the High 5 Adventure Learning Center team will discuss essential strategies for teaching and leading through uncertain, emotional times. We’ll share activities that can be easily incorporated into staff meetings and in-service days, and we’ll share practical tips for addressing the heightened emotions of staff, students, and families. This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which emotions impact how we show up for members of our school communities and ourselves.

All LIVE attendees will receive a free subscription to High 5's online professional development program: Rebuilding After COVID (a $299 value).


Profile picture for user Anne Louise Wagner
Educational Organization / Business Professional

Assistant Director, Edge of Leadership
Anne Louise joined High 5 in 2015 as a vital member of the Edge of Leadership team to create, coordinate, and facilitate at the elementary through high school level. Her commitment to social-emotional and leadership development amongst youth and educators has only grown since her teacher certification program in 2009 at Hartwick College. Anne Louise deepened her skills during her time at SIT Graduate Institute, leaving with a self-designed M.A. degree focused on the social and societal dynamics at play within schools. By tapping into her own experiences, reflections, and studies, she continues to explore how adventure-based learning can build empowering leaders and strong relationships within classrooms and schools.

Profile picture for user Lisa Hunt - High 5
Staff Developer (Coach / Mentor)

Manager, Team Development and Senior Trainer
Lisa has been using adventure modalities as a tool for learning and growth with groups for 25 years, including over a dozen years at Project Adventure prior to joining High 5. Lisa has contributed to six publications in the field of adventure education, presented at dozens of conferences, and traveled the world to facilitate workshops for youth and professionals in the areas of physical education, social-emotional learning, recovery and wellness, challenge course programming, facilitation skills, and adventure program development.

Professional Credit

No professional development credit is offered with this session.



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April 19, 2022
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2 Reviews
This is what I needed...
Absolutely perfect introduction to their resources for how to move on from Covid's impact on staff and students. I can't wait to dig into the lessons and give them a try. Thank you!!
April 20, 2022
Really great examples and resources.
April 20, 2022