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March 20, 2024 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT

Special Education Essentials: The Least Restrictive Environment


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Special Education Essentials: The Least Restrictive Environment


March 20, 2024 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT







English-Language Learners (ELL), Students with Disabilities

About This Webinar

Join AFT’s Share My Lesson and expert presenters from the AFT for this free, for-credit webinar exploring the special education essentials of creating the least restrictive environment. 

Attendees will gain an understanding of what LRE means in the area of special education, its legal foundations and its importance in ensuring an appropriate education for students with disabilities.

Participants will also learn the following:

  • Legal framework and guidelines: Reviewing federal laws that mandate students with disabilities have access to an appropriate education in the least restrictive setting.
  • Types of educational settings: Discussing different educational placements, ranging from co-taught classrooms within general education settings to more specialized environments like resource rooms, self-contained classrooms or separate schools, for example.
  • Individualized education programs (IEPs): Exploring how the process of developing IEPs considers the least restrictive environment for each student and outlines necessary supports and accommodations.
  • Collaboration and support strategies: Highlighting the importance of collaboration among educators, parents/caregivers, specialized instructional support personnel, and community partners to ensure that students with disabilities receive the necessary supports to succeed in the respective settings.
  • Benefits and challenges: Addressing the advantages and challenges associated with implementing the least restrictive environment, both for students with disabilities and their peers.
  • Best practices and examples: Sharing examples to support the academic, social and emotional growth of students with disabilities.

We hope you will register for more webinars in the Special Education Essentials series, where we will dive into practical strategies and approaches that teachers, paraprofessionals and other school personnel can employ to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Discover how to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities while fostering an atmosphere of diversity, equity and inclusion within your school community.

Note: Each webinar is a stand-alone professional development webinar; you can watch one or all and in any particular order that suits your needs.   


Elaine Bernal, special education teacher, Oak Lawn, Ill.

Lia Council, special education teacher, Yonkers, N.Y.

Jen Emrich, special education teacher, Langhorne, Pa.

Candice Pettus, special education teacher, Washington, D.C.

Professional Credit

Share My Lesson webinars are available for one-hour of PD credit. A certificate of completion will be available for download at the end of your session that you can submit for your school's or district's approval.

In addition, Share My Lesson has arrangements in place as follows:



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March 20, 2024
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This workshop meets the professional and personal!
The workshop was very informative and helpful for my professional field of an afterschool/summer camp director, as well as a parent of a child with ASD.
Lats Me
March 20, 2024