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Inclusive Education: Lesson Plans and Resources

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Inclusive Education: Lesson Plans and Resources


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Inclusive Education: Lesson Plans and Resources

About This Collection

Inclusive Education: Welcoming Every Student

Share My Lesson’s collection of preK-12 resources on inclusive education has resources to support your work so that every student, regardless of their abilities, has access to a learning environment that celebrates their unique strengths and supports their individual challenges. Whether you're a teacher, specialized instructional support person, parent or caregiver, understanding disabilities and the diverse ways we can make education more accessible and welcoming is crucial. You're in the right place to start!

Understanding Disabilities: More Than Just a Definition

Disabilities come in various forms—some are visible, and others are not as apparent. Understanding disabilities means recognizing that each student learns differently. It's about seeing the person first, not just the disability. Through these resources, educators and parents can better guide students to grasp these differences and how they might affect learning and interaction in a classroom setting.

Understanding Disability Through Books: Stories That Open Eyes, Hearts and Minds

Books can be powerful mirrors and windows into the experiences of others, and they are essential tools in inclusive education. Our collection features stories that allow readers to see the world from a perspective that might be new to them. These narratives help cultivate empathy and understanding, crucial components of an inclusive school community.

Building Inclusive School Communities: Everyone Has a Role

Inclusive education isn't just a concept—it's a practice that involves everyone. We'll share insights on how students, teachers, and administrators can work together to create a school atmosphere where every student feels valued and included. From classroom activities to school-wide initiatives, there are so many ways to promote inclusion.

Accommodations, Accessibility and Challenging Ableism

Making learning accessible means providing the right accommodations and support so all students can thrive. This could look like assistive technology, modified materials, adjusted teaching methods and examining the partnership between AI and neurodiverse students. But it's also about challenging ableism—the mindset that people with disabilities are somehow less than those without. Our resources will help you recognize ableism and learn strategies to combat it.

Embarking on the journey of inclusive education can seem daunting, but it's also incredibly rewarding. Our collection is here to support you every step of the way. As we prepare for the future, together, we can ensure that a more inclusive world begins with education!

Special Education: Free Lesson Plans and Resources

This curated Share My Lesson collection features some of our favorite prek-12 lesson plans, resources and professional development webinars for working with students and colleagues in the field of special needs education.