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September 6, 2023

American History and Ancient Art to Wildlife Habitats and Learning Through Film: New Resources for All Levels

As you embark on this new academic year, we hope you find abundant opportunities with our exciting new content additions outlined below.


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Welcome back, educators! As the 2023-24 school year dawns upon us, we can’t help but feel the buzz of excitement and possibilities in the air. This academic year promises to be memorable and filled with growth, knowledge and new experiences. To kick things off in style, we are thrilled to introduce a range of fresh and engaging content that will enhance your learning journey.

Fantastic new resources and tools—spanning American history, ancient art, understanding wildlife, minimizing electronic waste and tapping the power of learning through cinema— await you.

UntoldEdu is transforming how American history is taught and learned by exploring untold narratives, bringing inclusive history to students and classrooms that resonates with preteen and teenage audiences. Guided by our belief that history is a question, not a statement, we produce and distribute accurate, balanced and accessible videos on American history at no cost to our audience, two minutes at a time. Untold is a free collection of short, compelling history videos and animations designed to engage new audiences in a new conversation, illuminate the stories that don’t always make it into the classroom, and question what we think we know. Not everything worth knowing exists inside the covers of our history textbooks. Untold is here to fill the gaps and bring new stories to life. Follow up on social media @untoldedu or YouTube here.

Getty has launched Explore Ancient Worlds Through Art, a website that features a selection of objects from the antiquities collection at the Getty Villa Museum to complement middle and high school curricula across the United States. The Getty Museum’s antiquities collection includes ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan objects from the Neolithic Period through the late Roman Empire (ca. 3000 BCE–600 CE). The website highlights 14 objects from the Getty’s collection, which offer a unique lens into cultures and history of the ancient world, including Bust of Commodus, Caeretan Hydria, Elgin Throne, Male Harp Player of the Early Spedos Type, Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Life of Achilles, and Statue of Hercules.

Watch: Explore Ancient Worlds Through Art: Hydria

Remote video URL

Habitat loss due to human development is the most significant threat to wildlife worldwide. This threat is compounded by roads and freeways that fracture functioning ecosystems into islands of habitat. Wildlife crossings allow animals to safely utilize habitats disrupted via bridges or tunnels—and the world's largest wildlife crossing is currently under construction! Students can learn more about urban wildlife and the 101 wildlife crossing—spanning 10 lanes of highway and restoring ecological health to the country's most densely populated urban area of Los Angeles—through the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing project's engaging video content, including a cougar coexistence series and celebrating Indigenous voices series. The National Wildlife Federation leads the effort and offers educational resources focusing on people and wildlife. Learn more about the National Wildlife Federation resources.

Watch: Debuting the Cougar Coexistence Video Series

Remote video URL

Wouldn’t it be great to ensure students recycle today to power tomorrow? Lithium-ion batteries open up a world of relevant learning opportunities. In addition to supplying power to almost every rechargeable device in our daily lives, lithium-ion batteries are helping to make a fossil fuel-free society a real possibility. Unfortunately, electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is also a growing global challenge. Students can be part of the solution by safely recycling their rechargeable devices and batteries and encouraging others to do the same. Learn more about related educator resources from UL Research Institutes’ Be Nice to Your Device campaign.

In partnership with Amazon Prime Video, DoGoodery has developed a comprehensive and interactive website with free educational resources powered by cinema. This collaboration provides engaging resources and materials for preschool, middle school, high school and college students. With intentionally designed film resources, educators and their students can take learning further through interactive lesson plans and guides. Students take away lasting insights and knowledge by allowing the framework for meaningful discussion, reflection and presentations.

As you embark on this new academic year, we hope you find abundant opportunities with these new content additions. With the right tools, support, and enthusiasm, we know that you can achieve greatness and make this school year one to remember. Follow @dogoodery on all social media platforms for more content throughout the year. We wish you all a successful and fulfilling year ahead!

More Resources for the New School Year

Get the new school year started off on the right track with more resources on topics such as classroom management, social-emotional learning, family engagement, supporting English-language learners, building successful community schools, and more.

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