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Resources for Teaching Global Health: Lessons from COVID-19

March 10, 2023 | 2 comments

Resources for Teaching Global Health: Lessons from COVID-19

Whether you want your class to learn the basics of global health or dive deeper into the policies that surround it, explore resources to help you teach this important topic and reflect on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.


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The arrival and rapid spread of COVID-19 demonstrated that, despite the world being healthier than ever, we are far from having the necessary resources and global health policies in place to effectively handle a pandemic. Three years later, the world is still grappling with the nearly 7 million deaths caused by COVID-19 and its long-term effects.

Whether you want your class to learn the basics of global health or dive deeper into the policies that surround it, CFR Education has the resources to help you teach this important topic and reflect on the lessons learned from COVID-19.

High School

Health has played a critical role in shaping the world’s economies and societies throughout human history.

Made for teachers, by teachers, this introductory lesson plan on global health provides the blueprint to teach about the history of health around the world and the challenges faced by those tasked with improving it.

Find everything you need to introduce the essentials of global health with minimal prep: curated readings and videos, a lesson plan with homework assignments and active learning activities, a vocabulary list, a reading handout and discussion questions.

You can also explore editable Google Slides on global health to facilitate a closer look at data that helps explain what healthcare looks like around the world, how the consequences of COVID-19 have been unequal, and that inequality exists not just among countries but within them. This includes great disparities in illness and access to care in the U.S. based on wealth, location and race. 

Higher Education

While noncommunicable diseases are on the rise globally, data shows that not every disease affects everyone in the same way.

Engage your class in an in-depth conversation about the policies in place to keep our world healthy. This global health discussion guide does the heavy lifting for you with a set of questions designed to get students thinking critically about what they’ve read. It also includes an overview of the role of the World Health Organization, the ways the sustainable development goals support global health and how the response to HIV/AIDS has changed.

The steps a government takes upon learning about an infectious disease can save not only the lives of its own people but also the lives of others throughout the entire world. Using this mini-simulation on the spread of influenza at the end of World War I, invite your students to apply their knowledge of global health policy to make life-saving decisions.

As we reach the three-year mark since COVID-19 began, these resources can prove helpful in framing the pandemic and answering your students’ questions about the future of global health. 

Coronavirus Lesson Plans and Resources

Discover resources to help you understand what COVID-19 is, how it spreads and how to stay healthy.

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sarah conoor
sarah conoor October 24, 2023, 11:49 am

I think this is a fantastic article, and I really appreciate you letting me know about it. That is precisely what I had hoped to find, and I really hope that you will keep sharing content that is of such high quality in the years to come.

James. Benjamin
James. Benjamin December 20, 2023, 12:04 am

This insightful blog provides a comprehensive and timely approach to teaching global health, acknowledging the ongoing impact of COVID-19. The well-structured lesson plans for both high school and higher education levels, along with engaging resources like Google Slides and discussion guides, make it a valuable resource for educators. It effectively highlights the importance of understanding health disparities, policies, and the role of organizations like the World Health Organization. Overall, a commendable effort in addressing the significance of global health education in the post-COVID era.