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Have You Heard of Threaducators?

July 17, 2023

Have You Heard of Threaducators?

Threads has created a platform where educators (aka "threaducators") can connect with, learn from, laugh with, and support one another.


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Since Meta’s new app Threads launched, it’s been a hit, and so far, it has been a breath of fresh air for educators, with many flocking to it. The platform has quickly fostered a growing community of educators with the term “Threaducators” already being dubbed as a reference to the educator community. In a time when being an educator has become increasingly more challenging, the platform serves as a means for educators to connect with, learn from, laugh with, and support one another. 

Threaducator community is strong

To ensure that Threaducators are better able to connect and collaborate with one another on the platform, Threaducator @ericcurts even created a Google form for educators to enter their Threads profile information and made the entries viewable in Google sheets. In mid-July, the form has roughly 1,000 entries from educators.

So what exactly are you in store for, if you join the ranks of Threaducators? Check out the list:

Relatable and Funny Content 

Education can be a stressful job, so it’s important to find the opportunity to connect and laugh with others who understand, and Threaducators are taking advantage of the new platform to do just that.

Funny memes from Threads


The importance of collaborating and sharing ideas with others in the education field cannot be overemphasized. It helps us keep learning fresh, fun and engaging; and there have been so many exciting and valuable discussions on different ideas to incorporate into your educational space on Threads. It’s a wealth of ideas!

Tips from ThreaducatorsIdeas from ThreaducatorsWhat's your hot take on boxed/scripted curriculum vs. teacher knowledge and implementation?

Professional Development Opportunities

Don’t miss out on exciting opportunities to develop professionally! Learn about upcoming events to and learn from education professionals proud to be a part of the Threaducator community.

Join leaders in Educational Innovation for inspiring sessions on leveraging tech to enhance learning.A sneak peak of my virtual presentation for the CSTA2023 Annual Conference.

Tech Tips

It’s hard to keep up with all of the technology that can be utilized for learning, and it’s even harder to figure out all the tips and tricks for using each of the tech tools. Instead of attending a lengthy seminar or training, you can scroll through Threads to get bite-sized guidance from education technology trainers and tech coaches on how you can make use of these tech tools.

Tech tips for canva and google slides

Classroom Book Suggestions

It can be difficult to weed through all the amazing books out there to determine which ones you want to add to your classroom library. Luckily, there are a host of school librarians and other avid readers in education who have joined Threads and are sharing their suggestions and reviews.

Book suggestions from Threaducators

Inspiring and Motivating Content

We all are looking for a little inspiration and motivation in life, and Threads may be the place to get it. Whether you are looking for short inspirational and motivational blurbs or suggestions for longer articles that spark meaning, Threads has both!

inspiration and motivation

The vibrant and active Threaducator community is truly something all educators should be a part of. We are stronger together, and Threads has created a platform where educators can positively interact with, lean on, and strengthen one another. So join the community, and when you do, be sure to follow us @sharemylesson.

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