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Valentine's Day Activities and Lesson Plans

42 Resources

Valentine's Day Activities and Lesson Plans


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Valentine's Day Activities and Lesson Plans

About This Collection

Welcome to our updated collection of Valentine's Day resources, tailored for educators seeking to fill their classroom with a blend of academic learning and the spirit of love and kindness. Designed to engage preK-12 students, this collection offers diverse activities that cover a broad spectrum of subjects — from math and art to history and social-emotional learning.

Valentine's Day isn't just about exchanging cards and candies; it's a perfect opportunity to cultivate empathy, kindness, and appreciation among students. Through these resources, students will explore the significance of expressing care and understanding the value of relationships in their lives, both within the classroom and beyond.

Each activity is crafted with the goal of fostering a deeper connection to the curriculum while enhancing students' social and emotional skills. Whether it's through creative arts projects that allow for personal expression, engaging history lessons on the origins of Valentine's Day, or math games with a Valentine's twist, there's something in this collection for every learner.

Our aim is to provide educators with tools that not only celebrate the occasion but also contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic classroom environment. By integrating these resources into your lesson plans, you're not just marking a holiday; you're nurturing hearts and minds. Let's make this Valentine's Day a meaningful and educational experience for every student.