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School Reopening Community: Learning Beyond COVID-19 

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Help us add lessons and resources to support school reopening, hybrid teaching and distance learning. Share how your community or school is supporting students by uploading resources to share with educators and parents across the country.

With the ever-evolving pandemic, schools may need to plan for all possible scenarios to reopen fully, partially, or not at all. How are you preparing students for a return to the classroom? What ideas do you have for learning recovery and social emotional recovery? How are you communicating with your students if schools need to temporarily close down? Join this school reopening community and find new ways to create, discover and share lesson plans, handouts and resources.


How to engage with this school reopening community:

Step 1: Join the Community (select the orange join community button on the bottom right).

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Step 2: Share your thoughts with fellow educators and parents in the discussion section. Join a current discussion thread, or start your own topic.

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Step 3: Upload a lesson plan, resource, handout, or something that you think would be helpful to share with other educators and parents preparing for school closures (select the orange upload lesson button on the bottom right, assuming you joined the community).

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