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Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) is a nonprofit, non-partisan, community-based organization dedicated to educating America's young people about the importance of civic participation in a democratic society. CRF seeks to instill in our nation's youth a deeper understanding of citizenship through values expressed in our Constitution and its Bill of Rights and to educate young people to become active and responsible participants in our society. CRF is dedicated to assuring our country's future by investing in our youth today.

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'A More Perfect Union': Constitution Day Activity
  • Multiple Subjects
  • 3-5, MS, HS
Common Core
In this Constitution Day activity, students view a slideshow outlining events leading to the U.S. Constitution and participate in a discussion...
The Emoluments Clause and the President
Standards aligned
The emoluments clause is a provision in the U.S. Constitution to ensure that elected leaders do not gain a profit from their offices. Three groups...
Sam Houston: A Study in Leadership
  • Slavery
  • High School
Sam Houston was a leader who sought practical solutions to the problems of his time. He faced his greatest challenge during his fight against Texas...
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
In the years leading up to the Civil War, the issue of slavery divided the Democratic Party and newly formed Republican Party. One of the most...
Harriet Tubman and the End of Slavery
  • Slavery
  • High School
Nicknamed the ‘Moses of her people’ for leading runaway slaves to freedom in the north, Harriet Tubman was the most famous member of the Underground...
Puritan Massachusetts: Theocracy or Democracy?
  • Multiple Subjects
  • High School
In the 1630s, English puritans in Massachusetts bay colony created a self-government that went far beyond what existed in England. Some historians...
How the First State Constitutions Built the U.S.
During the American revolution, the former English colonies each adopted their own constitutions. These first state constitutions provided the...
Conservation, Preservation, and the National Parks
  • The Progressive Era
  • High School
The U.S. National Parks system began in the late 19th century. Over time, the rationale for National Parks has expanded from simply maintaining...
Rachel Carson & the Modern Environmental Movement
In 1962, American biologist Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring. Her explosive book revealed to the public the potential dangers of pesticides and also...
The War of 1812: America's First Declared War
  • A New Nation
  • High School
The War of 1812 tested whether the new federal republic could survive its first declared war. As Commander-in-Chief, President James Madison had to...