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Digital Promise works at the intersection of education leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs and developers to improve learning with the power of technology. Our work is guided by four principles: leveraging networks to connect people with ideas; creating and sharing stories to inspire investment and incite action; advancing cutting-edge research to inform decision making and design; and spurring engagement to connect people with learning experiences that will create meaning in powerful ways.

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Calculating Compound Interest: I Do, We Do, You Do
What is an I Do, We Do, You Do activity? This teaching strategy is a gradual release model that provides scaffolding for students as they learn a new...
Discussing Risk and Return
Educator incorporates online discussion to foster a reflective conversation about risk and return. The educator recognizes the value of...
Credit Cards: Analyzing Pros and Cons through Cartoons
  • Managing Credit
  • High School
Educator utilizes cartoons to support student analysis of the pros and cons of credit cards. The educator encourages students to think critically and...
Strengthening Public Education with More Teachers of Color It’s not a secret: The teacher workforce does not reflect the demographics of our student...