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Uncommon Productions, founded by Tim Disney and Bill Haney, is proud to offer free educational screening licenses of the award-winning science documentary Jim Allison: Breakthrough. This heartwarming film tells the endearing story of Jim Allison, a native of south Texas and an avid blues harmonica player, whose creativity and perseverance landed him a Nobel Prize in 2018 for his revolutionary cure for cancer. Breakthrough is accompanied by a comprehensive, NGSS and AP Biology-aligned toolkit with lesson plans, lab activities, discussion questions, and career exploration activities that can be used for in-person teaching or for distance learning. One teacher shares, “I highly recommend this film as a meaningful talking point about the nature of science, real world application, and introduction to many scientific concepts! My students found it to be very relevant and interesting!” Whether you are looking for a way to inspire future scientists, teach about basic science, or dig into the specifics about cellular functions, the immune system or the FDA process, the film and activities are engaging and informational.  

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Jim Allison: Breakthrough (Exploring Careers in Science)
Breakthrough spotlights many different careers in the scientific field that can inspire your students. The following activities provide an...
Jim Allison: Breakthrough (Glossary)
A handy guide to all the terminology from the documentary film Jim Allison: Breakthrough.
Jim Allison: Breakthrough (Part 3)
Part III: From Discovery to Rollout In this section, your students will reflect on the challenges and triumphs Dr. Allison's team encountered in the...
Jim Allison: Breakthrough (Part 2)
Part II: The Immune System This section will introduce your students to the immune system. The activities in this section include:​ Teacher Guide to...
Jim Allison: Breakthrough (Part 1)
Part I: Introduction to Cancer This section will introduce your students to cancer, Dr. Jim Allison, and the beginning of his quest to find a cure...
Free Film – Jim Allison: Breakthrough
Film can be a powerful instructional tool in the classroom and Jim Allison: Breakthrough is no exception. Whether or not your students are interested...