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1 in 5 Americans struggle with learning and thinking differences, such as ADHD and dyslexia. They are misunderstood, undiagnosed, and dismissed, and their differences are viewed as a weakness. A lack of awareness, stigma, and a culture of status quo leaves them on a journey that is stacked against them.

Understood is the only lifelong guide for those who learn and think differently. Once learning and thinking differences are embraced, confidence is built, community is created, jobs become careers, and life is more fulfilling. 

Educators play a critical role in supporting students who learn and think differently. That’s why we provide evidence-based, easy-to-use resources to help educators further develop their approaches to teaching every student. These free, practical resources help educators prepare for tomorrow’s lesson and build their mindset, skills, and knowledge over time. Materials are written by experts, vetted by leaders in the education field, and then validated by classroom teachers. 

Resources include:

  • In-depth information on learning disabilities and ADHD

  • Advice from teachers in the field

  • Information on how disabilities are treated under federal education law 

  • Helpful articles, videos, graphic organizers, and printables about in-classroom solutions

  • Simulations of how students experience learning differences 

  • Tools for educators on how to best communicate with families