10 More, 10 Less, 1 More, 1 Less Puzzles


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Included in this activity is a 1-100 chart, 5 puzzles that students will put together and a recording sheet. Students will lay the puzzle piece down with the number in the middle. They will then place the numbers in the correct boxes (10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less). They will record this on their recording sheet. Aligned to Common Core State Standard: 1.NBT.5


October 2017
theme is timed just right for my kiddos.
September 2015
Great resource , thanks.
March 2014
great resource. Thanks
July 2013
Beautiful resource and it is ready to use.
December 2012
This is very useful. Thanks!
November 2012
Hi Thanks a lot - I look forward to testing this concept Regards Henrik
November 2012
This is great and thanks for sharing the resource.
November 2012
this will be so useful - thank you for sharing!