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12 Illustrated Greek & Roman Mythology Reading Cards: Myth Passages


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Share engaging reading cards with your students! This sample set includes twelve interactive cards featuring tasks for writing, reading, and speaking and listening. Perfect for fostering a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience.

About This Lesson

The 12 Greek and Roman mythology topical reading cards included in this educational digital download are each illustrated passages designed for the middle and high school English Language Arts classroom. Help students develop reading comprehension skills and deepen their understanding of reading texts. The reading cards in this set are typically used for close reading and analysis of a text in either a carousel or gallery reading protocol. The cards can be printed out as physical cards or assigned as digital tools. Students work in groups to become experts on their card's topic.

Students can make predictions, identify literary devices, summarize critical ideas, and make connections to their own experiences or other texts they have read. Also, use the reading cards to promote active reading strategies such as annotating the text, identifying unfamiliar vocabulary, and making notes on the margins of the page. By using reading cards, teachers can help students develop critical thinking skills, improve their ability to analyze and interpret texts and increase their reading proficiency.

Additionally, reading cards can help students develop greater independence and confidence in reading and understanding complex texts.

The cards are available as PDF & Google Apps

Features Include:

  • Teacher's Notes for Using this Resource as either a Carousel or Gallery Walk
  • 12 Reading Cards / Illustrated


  1. Olympian Myth of Creation
  2. Birth of the Twins
  3. Zeus and Metis
  4. Io, Hera, and Argus
  5. Apollo Lykeios: Archaeology Connection
  6. Dryope and Amphissus
  7. Atalanta
  8. Tantalus
  9. Thetis and Peleus
  10. Apollo and Daphne
  11. Orpheus and Eurydice
  12. Cassandra: Art & Literature Connection



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