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7 of the Top Online Degrees to Pursue

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Whether your goal is to climb higher on the career ladder and earn more money or deepen your knowledge of a certain subject, online education opens many doors. All of the latest statistics show that earning a degree increases your earning potential and promotion eligibility, but for those with busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to go back to school. Online education provides the opportunity to attend class or choose a college that fits your schedule and budget, eliminating two of the most significant drawbacks for completing a degree. Studying online also opens up new subjects and disciplines, with the following being some of the best fields to pursue.

1. Computer Science

If your mind thrives on things that are technical or analytical, this discipline is for you. As technology and digital needs continue to develop and expand, the demand for computer professions continues to grow. With a computer science degree, you are given instruction in design, documentation, testing, data management, programming, languages and both front and back-end development. You can pursue a four-year degree and move on to graduate school entirely online. You could find employment as an analyst, web development or cybersecurity engineer.

2. Business Administration

If your future is management, accounting, or entrepreneurship, you may want to get a business administration degree. This is a comprehensive degree that provides instruction in transferable skills that deal with human resources, leadership finance, business law and organizational behavior. Management positions are some of the highest-paid in organizations across industries, and with your degree, you could move into positions for a business development manager, investment banker, HR manager, business analysis, consultant or actuary.

3. Education

When your passion is teaching and learning, you have a number of online options in education. You can begin with a four-year degree that specializes in elementary education or you could all the way through to an online masters higher education administration. To move into an area of teaching online or in a college or university, you will have to have your first degree and some experience, but there is no shortage of institutions that offer educational degrees in all subjects. You will be taught curriculum design, leadership skills, child or adolescent development, instructional techniques, ethics and so much more. You could take your teaching degree internationally to help increase the number of highly trained teachers around the world.

4. Psychology

The study of the human mind is fascinating, and a degree in psychology explores the mind, memory, motivations, emotions and much more. Students are immersed in the world of human behaviors, understanding things about human choices and perceptions that will have an impact outside the classroom. You could enter the workplace with your skill-set of research, data analysis, communication and statistics, or you could continue to graduate school to become a practicing physician in areas of mental health.

5. Engineering

One of the highest paying jobs on the market, a degree in engineering could bring you financial security. There are numerous engineering disciplines to pursue, such as mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical or aeronautical. This is considered one of the best fields for the highest paying jobs right after graduation.

6. Accounting

For those that enjoy working with numbers, an accounting degree done online can open doors in the financial sector. Throughout the coursework, you will learn economics, business administrations, statistics, accounting theories and software. Not only can you complete your education online, but you could also go into business for yourself and work remotely as a tax prep specialist or financial consultant.

7. Marketing

Marketing is another area of business administration that can be completed online. You develop valuable skills in research, analyzing consumer behaviors, management, economics and digital marketing or communications. This degree is perfect for those who have an analytical mind but yet are creative and understanding of people and products.

With so many online schools to choose from, the barrier of accessibility has been removed when it comes to improving your career or financial position. These are some of the top fields to enter, all of which can be completed through an online program.



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