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AFT Donates Generators to Ukraine Kindergartens

AFT Donates Generators to Ukraine Kindergartens


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About This Lesson

Throughout this first year of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, teachers have been under constant attack – traumatized, tortured, their homes and schools destroyed and families and neighbors killed.  In cooperation with our partner unions in Poland, ZNP, and Ukraine TUESWU, the AFT responded to requests to visit and assist. When President Weingarten went to Lviv, Ukraine in October, Mayor Andriy Sadovyi asked the AFT, ZNP and TUESWU to provide generators for kindergartens and childcare centers so that small children have safe haven to find an environment for socialization and emotional bonding.  This month, we have, alongside our partners in the Polish Teachers Union, the Ukraine Teachers Union, SNTE and the Ukraine Children’s Action Project, delivered and installed fifty generators to heat and light bomb shelters throughout the southwest region of Ukraine.

Watch the short video under the resources tab to learn more about our project.


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AFT Donates Generators to Ukraine
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