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Amplifying Indigenous Experiences Gallery Walk

Students will participate in an escape-room-style gallery walk. They will divide into three groups and work through activities in three different “rooms,” each focused on an indigenous historical figure from UNLADYLIKE2020.

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity, Interactive


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Students will watch three episodes of the UNLADYLIKE2020 series of 26 short films and explore the similarities in issues affecting these women while also identifying the qualities that made them unique. The lessons are about finding common threads between the women, and also between the past and the present. This student-centered lesson follows the '5E' instructional model. Students will explore the lives of these incredible figures through a gallery walk, discuss their findings, research events of the present, and create their own gallery walk to present their research.

UNLADYLIKE2020 is a production of Unladylike Productions in association with THIRTEEN’s American Masters. UNLADYLIKE2020's collection of educational resources was created by The WNET Group’s Kids Media & Education Department with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


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