Analyzing Plot Development (modified lesson)

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In this assessment; the students will sequence events of the story; The Gift of the Magi; on a plot diagram by matching the letters to the events in the boxes. I created & used this assessment to monitor my students' (below grade level learners) progress based from the goals in the IEP and the CCSS. #NBCT

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November 2018
This lesson needs other activities. It has one story and one worksheet for students to complete. I think the students, after reading the story, will simply take about 5 minutes (at max) to fill in the worksheet. They will simply put the events in the order in which they happened vs. understanding the plot, falling action, rising action etc. I like that this lesson contains a PDF copy of the story, but overall this lesson needs more activities to do with a student.
July 2018
I just love that this is modified. Thanks so much!
December 2013
Great resource for understanding the development of plot.
December 2013
This is fantastic! Thank you for making our lives easier by sharing your ideas
November 2013
Great story to use and the graphic organizer really helps students see the plot development.
September 2013
Great story to use for plot development.