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Andrew Jackson: Crash Course Classroom Video

Grade Level Grades 9-12


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All about the presidency of Andrew Jackson. So how did a president with astoundingly bad fiscal policies end up on the $20 bill? That's a question we can't answer, but we can tell you how Jackson got to be president, and how he changed the country when he got the job. It also provides additional historical context from Westward Expansion, a growth in banking, an increase in political parties, Missouri and Maine becoming states, the role of slavery, and the appropriation of native tribal lands and massacre of tribes.

Enjoy this classroom video on Andrew Jackson?

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Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14
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1 Review
Informative and very high interest videos. Great to introduce a topic or for use in a flipped classroom, very fast pasted some student may have problems processing information
March 22, 2014