Auroville - Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing.

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I was lucky enough to find a story I can relate to most of the topics covered in the AQA A2 exam.
It is some info about a place called Auroville (in India) and the idea seems fascinating to me and fortunately my students liked it too so feel free to have a look at this place where there is no politics, no money and no official religion and use it in your lessons if you find it useful.

There is a bit of everything: Short intro, Reading, Listening (+transcription), Speaking, Writing + some activities.

Topics that can be included: ENVIRONMENT, THE MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY, CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL ISSUES. And for that reason I think it is perfect for a quick revision.

Comments always welcomed!

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February 2018
Thank you for your kind words!
January 2018
Very well put together! fascinating.