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Spain Postcard - Printable

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity


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Postcards still exist and these are one of those things I would not like to see as a thing of the past any time soon. It was always lovely to receive one from your friends and family while they were abroad or also when you were the one away from your loved ones.
It could be a great activity to write some words and decorate this printable as a way to revise the topic of holidays for example or perhaps these could be handy if you want to create an exchange with another school or already have one. This is just the base. Some other options are:

  • Imagine you have been on holiday in Spain and you are writing to a friend about it.
  • Imagine you have won a prize and you are spending an all-included trip in Spain.
  • Imagine you are a local Spaniard who is writing a friend (who soon will be visiting you) to inform him/her about all the amazing plans you have made for him/her.
  • Imagine you are going to slip into a bottle a message written in this postcard and then you will toss the bottle into the ocean. You can also present other messages that have been found in other bottles and make them translate them into the target language.
  • Use it to decorate your classroom, etc.

Feel free to add any more ideas in the reviews section! I hope you find this resource useful.



Spain -

February 10, 2020
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