Author's Purpose (modified lesson)

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Given five (5) short passages; the students will select the author’s implied purpose from a choice of 3 potential purposes (to inform; to persuade; to entertain) and justify their answer. I created & used this assessment to monitor my students' (below grade level learners) progress based from the goals in the IEP and the CCSS. #NBCT

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July 2018
This is very nice and thank you for making it!
August 2016
Thank you very. Brilliant!
February 2015
Thanks for sharing! I am working on purpose activities that go beyond just the PIE; such as passages in which the purpose is obvious but the author's feelings/emotions must be analyzed.
December 2013
Thank you for sharing
November 2013
Great quick check for regular or spec. ed. students.
November 2013
This is a great resource for SpEd teachers who are addressing author's purpose. Concrete examples and short passages make this idea.