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The Awesome Energy Of The Sun

Grade Level PreK, Grades K-4
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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The Sun is undoubtedly the powerhouse of the solar system. It’s been generating energy for 4.5 billion years, and it will continue to burn for another 5 billion. All the energy radiates out from the center of our solar system in the form of light, heat, gamma and x-rays, and magnetic fields. Every day the light of the Sun shines on the Earth, driving many chemical and physical changes across the planet. 

Some of the energy that comes from the sun is easy for you to see and feel. Other energy isn’t as obvious. Sometimes the energy from the Sun is invisible to humans. That means you’ll need some detection tools to observe these forms of energy and experiment with them. Let’s get started!



The Awesome Energy Of The Sun - Science Friday.pdf

Lesson Plan
May 23, 2023
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