Bake Sale Project Based Learning Plan

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Bake Sale Project Based Learning Plan

Project Idea: Creating a student-run bake sale to raise funds at the school annual STEM fair. Students will choose what to bake, how to raise funds and advertise, calculate a detailed budget. Students will then go to the store as a group and purchase list. They will bake the day before and run the stall independently. Finally, as a group, they will calculate profits, repay investors and decided what to use the profit for, towards a community group.

A project of the above level could expect to take between 3 to 4 weeks. It incorporates many real-world skills and gives students the opportunity to learn how real businesses and shopping work with overheads and waste. The project includes many types of learning – homogeneous and heterogeneous grouping, independent learning and lecture style. The groups incorporate many kinds of learners - math, artistic, language and tactile and gives them each an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in their preferred area. This should build self-confidence, encourage social team building skills and enable students to take the role of givers to their local community. The personal reflections to a relative encourage self-reflection and the ability to become self-directed learners.




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