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Barbie Movie Pre-viewing and Discussion Guide
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Barbie Movie Pre-viewing and Discussion Guide


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About This Lesson

If you haven't experienced the Barbie movie frenzy yet yourself, you should! This movie is packed with great opportunities to discuss important issues of self-worth, body image, gender roles, and philosophy. Importantly, these aren't just Barbie's issues to learn from and about, but Ken's as well. I know that sounds like a heavy lift for a movie about Barbie, but it delivers! 

The pre-viewing guide is to help frame their viewing of the movie Barbie. It taps into their preconceived notions of gender, equity, and even the complex dualities that we all hold. 

The discussion guide is to use after the movie. It pulls quotes for students to think about, and it provides leading questions. I'd have students do this in small groups, but I'd end it with a full conversation with the whole class. 

This movie provides a treasure trove of "teachable moments" wrapped in humor and pop culture. 



Barbie Pre-viewing Guide.pdf

July 23, 2023
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Chat About It.pdf

July 23, 2023
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