Behavior Management - Positive Reinforcement

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I have used a very simple tool for acknowledging and encouraging appropriate and expected student behavior. I simply hand out paper stars, LOTS of paper stars. I hand them out for as many appropriate and expected behaviors as I can. Students get immediate feedback that their behavior is appropriate and expected and they continue to act accordingly. The feedback is simply the paper star AND your positive attention. I have used the “paper stars” with K-5 students. It hasn’t failed me yet!


January 2017
I am currently using this in my class. It is a slow work in progress. I have to remind the students the stars are not toys. Once we get through that, we will be ok. Nice visual reminder/reward for time on task behavior.
December 2016
Great strategy and helpful commentary. I've seen similar methods work for my high school students too.
December 2013
A simple behavior plan giving out stars. Good for earlier grade.