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Big Heart World Educator Guide: Identity and Belonging

Grade Level PreK, Grades K-3
Resource Type Activity


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To succeed in school and in life, children can’t just be little mathematicians, readers, and scientists; they need to grow confident in themselves; they need to understand others; and, they need to work together with others to solve problems. Educators and pediatricians often refer to this set of skills as “social and emotional” skills. We like to think of them as what it takes to have “a big heart.” Big Heart World ( is an initiative produced by Sparkler in collaboration with Noggin that helps parents and educators explore social and emotional skills with young children through a variety of resources. 

This educator guide for teaching children about Identity and Belonging using activities, music, and expert advice on shares the content you'll find across this website that you can use with the students in your classroom. 



Big-Heart-Educator-Guide-Identity and Belonging.pdf

May 11, 2021
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