Blockbuster game on sequences and patterns

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Blockbuster game on sequences and patterns

Nth term of linear sequence; predicting terms using nth term

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July 2016
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January 2016
February 2014
This was the first resource that I used in and I loved it! I had students sit in pairs and each pair had a white board with a dry erase marker and an eraser. The students took turns in writing on the white board and their partners were allowed to help them out. It also allowed me to quickly assess the student if they are going off track. The students had so much fun! I really enjoyed this activity very much. Thank you! Thank you!
September 2013
Just used this with my class, it worked really well! The visual aid certainly helped some students that had been struggling with the concept!! Could have had answers that popped up!
May 2013
An excellent resource, thank you
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June 2012
This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing!
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May 2012
This is amazing. Thank you. Gil T
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May 2012
This is excellent. An activity that gives students lots of practice in finding the nth term - but is fun too!
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January 2012
A fantastic resource which provides a variety of challenging nth term questions. The competitive nature of the game will engage pupils and maintain focus. This would ideally be used as a team game, maybe as a starter for revision or a wrap up when first visiting linear nth term sequences.